Choosing a powerful power bank for a smartphone

Are your gadgets constantly being discharged? There is a solution - buy a powerful power bank that will help you change your smartphone, smart watches and headphones away from the outlet. We figured out how to choose a good model, and made a rating of the best banks in 2019.

Modern man is hard to do without a phone - mobile gadgets are needed for navigation, surfing the Internet, and communicating with friends and colleagues. Powerful power bank will help extend the time of the smartphone - we tell you how to choose the right model.

How to choose a bank

When choosing a suitable model of the power bank, the user should know the main features of the portable charger:


The recommended value of the external battery capacity for charging a modern smartphone or tablet is from 10,000 to 20,000 mAh. Devices with less power will allow the phone to charge no more than two times. Also keep in mind that the higher the capacity of the bank, the heavier it is.


This factor is directly related to the cost of the device. The most profitable will be the purchase of products of a reliable and well-known brand. The choice in favour of a cheap battery, the brand of which can hardly be found even on the Internet, leads to the purchase of a device with a capacity of 2-3 times less than declared and a lifetime of no more than a year.

Output voltage and amperage. They depend on the compatibility of the power bank with charging devices and charging speed. The optimal battery voltage value is 5V. The recommended output current is at least 2A. Models with 3A and support for Quick Charge technology charge the phone for an hour. While from the one-ampere output the gadget will charge 3-4 times longer.


A good option would be to buy a model with two or three USB ports to simultaneously charge several gadgets. It is also a big plus if the power bank is equipped with a modern USB Type-C port - its presence simplifies connecting the cable and allows you to charge from the battery not only smartphones, but also more powerful devices, such as laptops. The external battery also does not interfere with the charge indicator and the LED flashlight, although these features should not be paid attention to first.

Having decided on the capacity, brand and technical characteristics, we should not forget about the size and weight. A hard bench will not be truly portable and is unlikely to suit a child or woman. On the other hand, it is worth considering that the mass of the external battery is directly related to power. It is impossible to find a device weighing 200 g and a capacity of 20,000-30,000 mAh. The average weight of a crib on 10 000 mAh - from 260 to 400 g, and if you want to buy a more compact and lighter version, you will have to sacrifice the capacity of the device.

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